Skeptical Einstein

Skeptical Einstein

It has been an exciting year. What started in January as a pure art experiment on my Instagram account has now evolved in a full-blown art website at Most recently, I introduced posters. I've always loved posters and, over the years, have gotten my hands into a few signed originals varying from street art legends like Shepard Fairy to the playful digital art of Susan Kare and have always wanted to have my series one day. My first poster composition was inspired by a recent biographical series I watched about Albert Einstein, who also happened to one of my favorite human beings.

The meditative posture of Einstein signifies the state of the post-WWII world we are still living in today. A world relatively in peace, but a fragile one that always hangs in the balance. The mushroom cloud signifies the death and destruction that could occur if we are not careful. Next to it, the sun, a source of nuclear energy but also vital for life on this planet. And finally, the dubious expression in Einstein's face, as if he wanted to say "choose wisely."

Hope you love it ❤️

Skeptical Einstein is available in 3 different sizes. Printed on archival paper. 100% cotton, acid-free. Signed and embossed with the seal of authenticity.

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